QuickBooks Intermediate Class

Bookkeeping & Income Tax Preparation
Lesson 9: Analysing financial data
  • Creating QuickReports
  • Creating and customizing preset reports
  • Saving report settings
  • Printing reports
  • Exporting reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Creating QuickInsight graphs
Lesson 10: Setting up inventory
  • Turning on the inventory feature
  • Entering products into inventory
  • Ordering products
  • Receiving inventory
  • Entering a bill for inventory
  • Manually adjusting inventory
  • Tracking finished goods
  • Using units of measure
Lesson 11: Tracking and paying sales tax
  • Overview of sales tax in QuickBooks
  • Setting up your tax rates and agencies
  • Applying tax to each sale
  • Determining what you owe
  • Paying your tax agencies
Lesson 12: Doing payroll with QuickBooks
  • Overview of payroll tracking
  • Setting up for payroll
  • Setting up employee payroll information
  • Running a payroll schedule
  • Tracking your tax liabilities
  • Paying payroll taxes
Lesson 13: Estimating and progress invoicing
  • Creating jobs and estimates
  • Writing an estimate
  • Creating multiple estimates
  • Creating an invoice from an estimate
  • Displaying reports for estimates
  • Updating job status
Lesson 14: Tracking time
  • Tracking time and mileage
  • Invoicing a customer for time and mileage
  • Displaying project reports for time tracking
  • Paying nonemployees for time worked
Lesson 15: Customizing forms & writing QuickBooks
  • About QuickBooks forms
  • Customizing invoices
  • Designing custom layouts for forms
  • Customizing the design for all your forms
  • Using QuickBooks Letters